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A Timeless Gift for Mother’s Day



Our love for our mother is probably the most priceless that any son or daughter can ever have. As the saying goes, we may have five siblings but we could only have one mother in this world.

How do you normally show your love for your mother? A lot of us has thought of many amazing, exciting and surprising things just to make sure our mothers enjoy the memorable times in their lives.

As we reach another Mother’s Day, 13th of May, 2018 (Sunday), we will be thinking of another gift for our mothers. Check-out our checklist for possible gifts for mothers:

1.     Bag or Handbag;

2.     Perfume;

3.     Travel;

4.     Cooking Items;

5.     Cellphone or gadgets;

6.     GCs for Shopping;

7.     GCs for Salons;

8.     Buffet Lunch or Dinner;

9.     Car Accessories (if she drives);

10.   Health Supplements, Vitamins, etc.

11.   A Diet Program.

Be part of another year to celebrate motherhood. Make it count by giving them something timeless and special. It is of course something that must give them the chance to stay with us longer in this lifetime. What better way to spend more years of their lives with us with a healthy body. We may probably think that age is not a significant factor to consider when it comes to our mothers’ health, but that’s a big mistake. Health is all the more important for us to consider when we give gifts to our mothers. Ketogenic diet program is a significant diet program for mothers since it gives women a chance to lose weight, look great and feel great.

Have a wonderful celebration for Mother’s Day!


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What is Ketogenic Diet?



Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet is a high-fat, adequate protein, low-carb diet that puts one in the state of ketosis whereby it forces the body to burn fats naturally.  



What is Ketosis?



Ketosis is a metabolic process when our body burns fats for energy instead of glucose or carbs.  This process results in the build-up of acids called ketones within the body.  



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How to Lose Weight



There has been a lot of diet programs in the market today that is dependent on product usage. On the other hand, when we say diet in its general sense, we think of calorie restriction all the time.

We are presented with a lot of information in social media, but based on our personal experience on ketogenic diet, here are just some of the standard tips you can follow to get you started with your weight loss journey:

10 Tips to Lose Weight:

1.   Drink lots of water- Water helps you flush out toxins from your body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.

2.   Take time to exercise- In a world full of technological developments, we are often glued to our gadgets everyday, thereby lacking the time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. If going to the gym is impossible, make it a point to have a walking regimen to pump up some fresh oxygen to your body.

3.   Learn to eat vegetables- Vegetables is fiber.   Whether you eat salad or a simple leafy viand, fiber still has an important role in your body’s digestion. Most fast food servings are served with protein and carbohydrates so be on the lookout for additional order to cover your fiber requirement everyday.

4.   Sleep right- Yes, not getting enough sleep can alter your body’s metabolism. Night-shift jobs have a huge effect on weight gain. Sleep at least 8 hours every night.

5.   Join like-minded groups or contact a COACH- Self-discipline in weight loss is fictional. Don’t count on yourself to lose weight on your own because it may not happen. There are a lot of factors that may affect your daily decisions and activities. Unless you believe you can be extra-ordinarily disciplined, you may claim otherwise. We all have a weakness, that’s why some needs to resort to a support coach or group to lose weight and continue with their diet program. Join our meet-up group and/or join our website community as member for FREE at

6.   Decide to lose weight- When we say decide, it must be a 100% commitment to losing weight. That means there must be no amount of influence, discouragement or temptation that can alter your decision to lose weight.

7.   Have a medical check-up. - Some causes of tremendous weight gain is because of a disease. Make sure you consult your health professional for this possibility. The good thing about ketogenic diet is you’re hitting 2 birds with one stone. Keto diet may cure or mitigate both the disease and help you lose weight.

8.   Take a reliable supplement- Make sure your supplement is FDA approved with no therapeutic claims. There are a lot of supplements out there that claims they are safe but its effects to health can be detrimental. Always be on the lookout for the FDA seal. Stop experimenting with meal plans and do-it-your-own keto journey, go for a reliable ketogenic supplement that will help you achieve ketosis fast thereby helping you lose weight continuously. Check our ketone supplement at that will help you achieve ketosis in just one hour.

9.   Eat less- Say goodbye to buffet, unli-rice, bottomless iced tea, etc. If you really want to lose weight, you need to go the extra mile with this sacrifice. We are all aware of the pros and cons of eating in huge amounts of food. It all boils down to calories. Are you aware that your age and height will only limit a certain caloric requirement? So if you eat more than what your body will require, you’re already building excess calories that will affect your weight and health condition in the future.

10.               Don’t eat too much sugar- Very simple as it may seems, but we are not conscious of our sugar intake. There are a number of food preparations nowadays that are loaded with heavy sugar. Complex sugar equals complex calorie jump. Sugar and eating more goes hand in hand in weight gain but apparently these are the two factors that we often ignore while trying to get into a diet program.


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Philippine Independence Day 2018


Philippines, are we truly independent as a country? 


How many times have we fought for freedom? Do you still remember as many Filipinos stormed the streets during the famous EDSA Revolution of 1986?  What about the efforts that our heroes fought for to achieve the 1898Independence? We all declared independence during those times.


We may have countless explanation for this depending on what we believe in.  For those who believes in our current president, Rodrigo Duterte, we would say, yes we are.  He has made some major, drastic changes on some our countries’ issues on drugs and corruption as some of his milestones during this era of leadership.


While for unbelievers, it would be otherwise,these drastic changes resulted to unfair trial and judgment. 


Whatever your definition of freedom may be, nobody can be wrong or right because we are not in the position to lead this country.  All we can do is voice out our opinions, butat the end of the day, the person who is in the position will make the best decision for all of us.


You know what we could truly control?  We could control our lives and find our way to our “own independence”. 


Our bondage from our personal mistakes in life can be controlled and what are these exactly?  That is, finding your freedom from alcohol, vices, poor sleeping habits, laziness, smoking, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.  You can name more of these things as you realize the true meaning of independence or freedom from your own lives. 


Start with yourself and see the true freedom that you’re aiming for.  Liberate yourself from the bondage of unhealthy lifestyle by eating healthy and losing the excess weight that’s causing some of the common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and the like.   Are you aware that these diseases may be eliminated or prevented with ketogenic diet? 


Find your way to independence from excess weight and diseases.  Contact one of our coaches, Mobile: 0917-3333-365 or visit: for more details.